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Indiana University Bloomington

Student Staff

Jeannine Troutner

Office: 012
Room: 124

Jeannine Troutner – Office Assistant

I'm Jeannine, a sophomore and currently in my second year as a GV resident. My hometown is Highland, IN, a tiny little place that very few probably know. Right now, I'm studying Japanese language and culture as my major. It's really fun, and it's great to live in a dorm where others have similar inclinations. (I personally feel that the close-knit atmosphere of the GV is one of its best merits!) I enjoy doing a lot of things like trying (and failing) to read Japanese manga or watching anime, reading books (though I don't do this as often as I'd like), playing games, etc. Please feel free to drop by room 124 if you need anything.

Zoie Hancock

Office: 012
Room: 121

Zoie Hancock – Office Assistant

Hi everyone! My name is Zoie. I'm majoring in English and Korean and pursuing a certificate in TESOL with a minor in Music. My home town is Elwood, Indiana, the producer of Red Gold Tomatoes. This is my first year in the GV, but it has quickly become my home and one of my favorite things about IU. In my free time, I enjoy volunteering with Books & Beyond, reading, playing flute and mallet percussion, and practicing martial arts. If you want to talk about anything at all or get to know me better, I'll be in room 121!

Lillian Jiang

Office: 012
Room: 119

Lillian Jiang Community Mentor

My name is Lillian, and I’m from China. I’m the Community Mentor (CM) of the Global Village this year. I’m also the facilitator for the Chinese Language Cluster here. My duty as CM is to help GVers from around the world to survive in college, explore new things, and enjoy life at the Global Village. I attend weekly meetings at the GV and organize activities with the International Interest Group. As an international student myself, I have also experienced many difficult situations. If you encounter any issues, please come and tell me about it, and I will try my best to help you address your problems. As for leisure activities, I love cooking. If you see me cooking in the lounge during weekends, feel free to try the food.